The Mother of the Bride.

Mother of the Bride


It’s a big day in the life of any mum! Your daughter’s getting married and all of a sudden you hear yourself referred to as the ‘Mother of the Bride’ like you’ve just landed a big part in a Hollywood production! Don’t be overcome by stage fright….make sure to choose an outfit that you’ll be comfortable in, don’t overdo the frills and flounces and maybe buy something that you’ll get loads of use out of after the big day.

We’ve put so many MOB’s through our hands over the years that we have a good grasp on the anxieties and pressures at work. Mostly the daughter has very definite ideas about how the Mammy should look.

I want to put in a word here aimed at the girls who want their perfect day to include a glamourous Mum even if glamourous isn’t their Mum’s default setting, trust me, she’ll look her best wearing her own style! If she would prefer not to wear an ‘all singing all dancing’ outfit….don’t beat her into it. She might hate the idea of a hat or fascinator, if that’s the case don’t insist. She brought you into the world and as like as not you’re the light of her life….let her have her way, you owe it to her!