8 Tips On How To Steal The Show At The Galway Races

When it comes to Ladies Day at The Galway Races competition is fierce. However it's no reason to completely disregard form over fashion.

Remember when you feel comfortable, you're more confident. In turn your personalty shines thru. Which is 'X factor' that the judges look for!

With that in mind, here are our 8 style tips for stealing the show at the Galway Races.



8 Tips On How To Steal The Show At The Galway Races



1. Choose a Dress You're Comfortable in



8 Tips On How To Steal The Show At The Galway Races



Be comfortable, physically as well as psychologically. Don’t squeeze yourself into something just like the gúna whatshername wore to Ascot and then find you can’t  breathe properly. And for your psychological welfare don’t go for something that makes you feel like you’re playing the part of someone you’re not.


2. Leave The Killer Heals At Home



8 Tips On How To Steal The Show At The Galway Races


It’s going to be a long day so be a bit kind to yourself as regards footwear. Killer heels are fine but make sure it’s not you they’re killing!


3. Be Adventurous With Colour



best adventurous with colour at the galway races



Speaking of colour (and I generally do all day long) think about being a bit adventurous with the colour of your accessories. Yellow against purple or royal blue. Fuchsia and orange…yum! Navy and turquoise or Kelly green. 



4. Colour Over Layers, Frills & Add-Ons


You might fancy wearing something eyecatching….but maybe let the colour do the talking. Simple lines in a strong colour will always be more striking and at the end of the day way more sophisticated than layers, frills and add-ons. 



5. Consider Your Skin Tone



8 Tips On How To Steal The Show At The Galway Races



Most importantly don’t choose a colour just because it’s ‘In’. It may not suit your skin tone; it may be so far away from what you’d normally choose that you’ll never wear it again and that’s just a shame.



6. Wrap Up



galway races style



At the risk of sounding like the mammy, make sure to bring a wrap for when the temperature dips. Goosepimples were never a good look! Take a bit of trouble putting it on, settle it on the point of your shoulder, then either tuck it in by your elbows or tie it in a loosely draped knot.



7. Don't Feel Too Self-Conscious About Wearing A Fascinator



And so to fascinators. It’s up to you how exuberant you want to be. Remember you’re going to be among lots of other gals strutting their stuff so you won’t feel as out of place as you might when you’re trying it on instore or at home.



 8. Go For a Headband Fascinator





The world seems to be divided among those who have no problem wearing a fascinator on a hairband and those who’d rather have their fingernails pulled out than countenance a hairband. All I’m saying is that on a windy day in Galway I know which style I’d go for!


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