4 Simple Tricks to Getting The Italian Look

Mary Costelloe, from Costelloe + Costelloe shares her style advice on getting Italian look.

3 simple tricks to getting the italian look

The Myth - All Italian Women Are Stylish

First of all, I would just like to address the myth that all Italian women are stylish. I have seen lots of badly dressed Italian women but as a rule as you walk down a street in an Italian City, chances are that  you'll see a much greater proportion of Italians, men and women who you could call stylish

1. Simplicity is Key

Stylish Italian women know the value of simplicity. And I’m talking here about their everyday wardrobe. They keep the colour palette limited and the shape simple, this doesn’t necessarily mean tailored; a comfy, roomy knit jacket or cardigan (does anyone know a better word for this?) will work, but no fussy details please!

2. Avoid Bright Colours and Patterns

Bright colours and most patterns are avoided like the plague though you will see the odd leopard print bag or scarf but it will be used as the pattern evolved in the big cat….to blend in. The sore thumb look was never a good one.

3. Good Grooming is Essential

Grooming plays a huge part in the Italian look. A lint roller or old fashioned clothes brush will make sure you get rid of stray hairs, fluff or God forbid dandruff from collar or shoulders. Brush your suede shoes or boots to bring them back to life or if they’re leather, wax and shine them. Apart from making them look great you’ll get immense satisfaction from the task!

4. Confidence is Key

Confidence is probably a great accessory to employ if you’re going for the Italian look, and if you don’t have it naturally….you can always fake it, it might just become a habit!