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Our aim is to make accessorising easy and fun. Finding the right accessories and jewellery to match your favourite outfits is not a chore anymore so enjoy!

Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day we have suitable gifts for the dedicated fashionista and if you can’t decide, pass on the fun of decision making with a Costelloe + Costelloe Goody Card, or Electronic Gift Voucher you can buy for any amount you like.

Our shop is based in Dublin but purchases from our online store will be delivered to your door. We have fashion accessories that are colourful bejewelled, sparkly or classical! Our selection of jewellery and accessories include evening bags, necklaces, earrings, bracelets , and feather headpieces.

Whether you call an evening bag a purse, pouch, clutch or just a dressy bag… believe me whatever they’re called we have all of them! The same goes for wraps, stoles, shawls, pashminas, different name, same purpose.

A Word on Colour

The words gold, diamond, silver, copper, amethyst are used as colour descriptions only... you can be assured that no precious metals or stones were used in the manufacture of our jewellery or bags! The colours you see on your screen are as near as we can get them to the actual items but may vary slightly from one screen to another. Please don’t be put off by what we call the colour... one woman’s purple is another woman’s blue!

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